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Chapters we’ve covered

There are 12 main chapters in the books excluding the
introductory and outro chapters.
They include:


Discovering the Power you Carry within

It is not uncommon to find young people who don`t know who they are and what they are capable of doing. Discovering the power within you and unleashing it are integral to your success. From your temperament to your talents, skills, and personal brand, you have all it takes to be great, right within you. Learn how to explore it.


Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Consistent Success

If only you knew how much the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence could improve your relationships and skyrocket your success. People who understand EI are at a vantage point because right in their hands is a password to interpersonal relationships. You will always win with this strategy, but first, you need to know how.


How to Build and Communicate your Brand Effectively

How do you speak? How do you write? How do you carry yourself? You`ve got to be intentional about all these and more. Find out how to build and communicate a winning brand with some simple but little-known strategies.


Unlocking the Power of Partnerships

There are crucial relationships that will catalyze your academics, career, and business. How do you get into such relationships? How do you categorize the people in your life in accordance with your needs? How do you leverage partnerships to be a better person? This chapter is loaded with keys to unlocking the power of partnerships in a bid to have all-round success.


Viewing Problems through the Eyes of a Solution Provider

What do you think about problems? Do you try to avoid them? Do you see them as an opportunity to grow? If you avoid them, for how long can you do that? Winners see challenges as their vehicles to greater heights, and so should too because you are a winner. Winners are solutions providers. It`s time to see problems differently because you have solutions to some of the world`s problems.


Career Secrets you would Wish you Always Knew

From the preparation of your CV to the job search, interview, and even post-interview follow-up, landing your dream job may not be as straightforward as you think. What can you do to outperform the multitude of job applicants who want the same juicy jobs as you? You need to know!


What Every (Intending) Entrepreneur should Know

Think about it; every business tycoon you admire creates value. People pay for value. But creating the kind of value that will get you some good money and influence is way beyond packaging just anything in the name of products and services. There are strategies to growing a business, winning a market, attracting the best talents, and distinguishing your products and services from the pack. What`s your strategy? You don`t have one? It`s time to develop a winning strategy!


Who Says you Can't Achieve your Goals?

Show me a consistently successful person, and I will show you a smart goal-setter. Are your success plans achievable? Or are they mere wishes? Ever wondered why your new year`s resolutions never make it to the fourth month? Or why you almost never achieve your goals? That`s just about to change.


Making Life-Transforming Decisions

Everything that happens in life is as a result of decision-making. Even your inactions are decisions that affect you. Take some time to think about your life: it is an outcome of decisions. Society, too, is a result of decisions. Will you become intentional about your decisions? Or will you leave your life to chance?


It's Time to Act!

The knowledge you acquire but don`t apply can`t benefit you. At this point in the book, you must have acquired much knowledge. It`s time to apply it! Start already. Start with what`s in your hand. How do you start? How can you take some baby steps? There`s an explicit guide for you in this chapter.


How to Get More with Negotiation

Life is full of negotiations; you can`t avoid them. Negotiations will help you get the best of life. Great negotiators have the mindset of always getting more ― and there is always more to get. What do you need to know before going to the negotiation table? What more can you get? Let`s do justice!


Simple Ways to Make Success Habitual

The world`s most successful people don`t have one-off successes; success, for them, is a habit. What`s the way around this? Is it magical? Is it luck? Not at all! Find out how to make success a habit.

Things you’ll learn

My Crazy Attempt – The Author’s Dare to do this!

It’s All About You… The most important question you will ever ask

How to Never Lose- Understanding & applying Emotional Intelligence

Sell or Die - Personal Branding & Communication

Going Far Vs Going Fast ― The Advantage of Partnerships

Facing Giants & Winning – The Art & science of Problem Solving

Creating valuable goal for next 5 years.

Making that BIG Call - Job or Career Decisioning

The Creators ― Entrepreneurship – The Life of Creating

Prioritization & Goal Setting

Make a Decision - (Decision Making Fundamentals)

Do! – Doing – The Joker

Understanding Negotiation

The Creators ― Entrepreneurship – The Life of Creating: Prioritization & Goal Setting

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About the author

Lanre Basamta

Lanre Basamta

Hi friend! My name is Lanre Basamta and I'm a Business Leader with particular bias for Strategy delivery, Marketing execution & sustainable Growth. My overriding passion is to deploy my skills, experience and passion in Business & Brand Management, Communications and Marketing to positively influence business prosperity, consumer perception, and drive incremental growth for forward looking brands.

My Personal Mission Statement is to empower millions of Africans youth with the knowledge, skills and habits to make poverty history across the continent, through Mentoring, Teaching and Philanthropy to help us all live more meaningful and happier lives.

Reach me on Twitter or Email.

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This book was written for the young-at-heart! University students, young graduates, career professionals and business starters who are finding their path through life. This book is written as their companion on their journey to self-discovery

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My Crazy Attempt comes in Hard and Soft copy and will release Audio version of the book subsequently

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Payment for Hard-Cover will cover comes with FREE access to download the soft copy of the book